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In most businesses, payroll is one the largest, if not the largest, line item on your monthly budget.  So at times it can be a bit of a difficult decision to make of adding on more truck drivers. In some cases though, strategically adding truck drivers can drive much more profit to your bottom line. So when is it the right time to add more truck drivers to your fleet?


When lack of truck drivers is holding up production.


If you find that a certain area of your business is continually a bottleneck, then it’s time to evaluate your talent needs.  In many cases, adding one or two truck drivers can have a huge effect on production and profits.


When you miss out on new business because you don’t have the needed help.


You’ve probably had a lot of great ideas for new business opportunities; however, you may not have had the resources to implement those plans. With ad-hoc or temporary truck drivers, you can tap into the talent you need, when you need it, in order to take on new opportunities and grow your business.


When being a “do-it-yourselfer” is distracting you from your core job duties. 


Instead of taking the time to do deliveries on your own, or sending someone from distribution out to do deliveries, bring in an experienced truck driver who can offer you the capabilities you need to get the job done.
If you’re faced with any of these challenges, Torcan Staffing can help.  As the leading transportation staffing firm, we can provide on-demand ad-hoc, temporary staff and permanent truck drivers within the Greater Toronto Area. Call us today at 1-888-864-4004.