Who We Are

Torcan Staffing is one of Ontario’s leading employment agencies, providing our clients with the honest, reliable and high quality service they have learned to expect from us. We get to know our clients individually to understand their staffing challenges and needs in order to match them with the best suited employees. Qualifying our candidate’s expertise, skills, qualifications and experience helps us place them in the best opportunity suited for them.
Our staff  is fully capable of handling the needs of any client, regardless of size or job specification. Besides our industry leading recruiting and screening practices, we also offer 24 hour a day, 7 day a week customer service where one of our knowledgeable staff members is always happy to assist you.
Our mission is to be the most trusted partner for our clients and candidates by providing a working relationship built on responsiveness, integrity and thoroughness. The success of our company is due to our absolute commitment to guarantee the best quality service at competitive rates. Whether you’re a prospective employee or an employer looking for a staffing solution, we’re here to serve you.

Who We Provide

We provide G, DZ, AZ as well as specialized license truck drivers all over southern Ontario.
All of our drivers are carefully screened and interviewed. They meet all MTO and Torcan Staffing standards, including a minimum of two year verifiable driving experience with a clean driving record.
We diligently maintain their driver qualification files and pull their CVOR’s and Driver Abstracts Semi Annually. In short, you can rest assured every Torcan Staffing driver is well qualified and in full compliance.

Our ad hoc driver service solves the basic driver employer need of labor coverage. This service is available when you need help the most: when your regular driver is unavailable, or when your business demand dictates a need for more drivers than usual. Planned or unplanned, for a day, week, or more – our ad hoc driver service is designed to fit your needs.
Our permanent driver service is a long-term, outsourced solution designed to transfer all aspects of employing and managing commercial truck drivers to Torcan Staffing. We can hire and manage drivers to work for you in dedicated, full-time positions. This allows you to focus on your core business, rather than worry about complex MTO regulations and driver recruiting, employment, and management concerns.

Ad Hoc Drivers

How It Works

Once your account is set up, call us any time to request a driver or drivers. We will match a driver to your specific needs and requirements and the length of the assignment is up to you (day, week, month). Dispatch is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so a live dispatcher is always available to take your call.

Reasons to Use

  • Reduce labour costs
  • Seasonal business peaks
  • Coverage of vacation, sick, or personal days
  • Coverage for injuries or short term disability
  • Your driver’s Hours of Service are exhausted

Permanent Drivers

How It Works

Drivers are hired and managed by us, but report to you like your employees. Just like with our ad hoc drivers, we assume all MTO compliance, workers compensation, payroll, benefits, recruiting, regulatory responsibilities and expenses associated with our permanent drivers. 

Reasons to Use

  • Lower turnover rate
  • Reduce Labour Costs
  • Focus on your core business
  • Increase your operational control
  • Transfer recruiting, hiring and managing drivers

Our Difference

The Ministry of Transportation holds you accountable for every driver you use, regardless of whether it’s your employee or contracted through an employment agency. If your staffing supplier does not properly screen and road test the drivers they dispatch, you suffer the consequences. Here are a number of issues you should consider when selecting a driver staffing firm.

Beware of firms that:
Don’t attempt to verify available hours before dispatching a driver. If a driver has accumulated too many hours on-duty working for multiple employers in the prior 7 days, you could be found in violation.

What Torcan Does Instead:
Prior to dispatch, we make sure that the driver has available hours to complete the assignment within the legal limits – by reviewing payroll records and other recent assignments.

Don’t contractually establish the driver staffing company as the sole employer. As a result, you could be classified as a “co-employer” and accountable for providing benefits and meeting other employer obligations.

Our contract establishes us as the driver’s sole employer and uniquely responsible for all matters including hiring, termination, discipline, wages, salaries, benefits, compliance with Employee Standards Act, and the like.

Don’t provide workers’ compensation coverage (WSIB). If one of their employees gets hurt at your location, you could be liable for the claim.

Our contract guarantees that we provide workers’ compensation coverage (WSIB) for all our employees and are solely responsible for compensation claims.

Don’t guarantee access to driver records. If audited, you would be required to produce files for all drivers – including those from a staffing firm.

We guarantee our clients access to records within 24 hours. In most cases, records can be forwarded instantly since they are maintained electronically.

Are not contractually designated to qualify drivers on your behalf or do not hold themselves accountable for failing to do so.

We contractually commit to qualify drivers on your behalf and hold ourselves accountable in accordance with contract terms.

Take shortcuts on conducting past employer inquiries. They might ignore large gaps in past employment or simply be satisfied with a failed attempt at contacting a past employer.

We require an explanation for any past employment gaps and we’re not satisfied with failed attempts to contact past employers. We require documentation to support such claims.
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